Gorgeous Mini Nubians for Sale!

Breezee Creek Farm is needing to downsize the herd, yet again.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get some FANTASTIC milkers, breeders and pets!

2 Does Available, 3 Bucks and 3 Wethers!

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Does are 1st and 2nd generation, registered MDGA.


Bucks are registered 5th generation American and 2nd generation via MDGA, and an unregistered boy from great lines too!


2 of the Wethers are ready to leave NOW, and 3rd will be ready next month!

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Check out the FOR SALE page on our website for more info, and Contact Us right away to arrange a date to come see these gorgeous animals in person!

4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Mini Nubians for Sale!

  1. I am looking for a registered, floppy eared mini Nubian doeling (or two). I am starting a backyard hobby farm and my goats will be excellently taken care of – do you have anything available?
    I prefer black and white but will look at others. Thank you!

    • We have 1 black and white doe (currently in milk) available, Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess. We also have 1 doeling available, she’s caramel colored with white, Breezee Creek’s Amelia. Both girls are very friendly and easy tempered, great milking and show lines. Princess is 2nd gen, Amelia is 3rd gen, both girls are unrelated to each other.
      Let me know if you’d be interested in 1 or both of them!
      Breezee Creek Sista

    • Hello Tim!
      Are you still in the market for a Mini Nubian buck? We have a buckling that is just dying for a job as a breeder! His dam is only a first freshener, but her udder is very well attached, and sire is 2x Junior Grand Champion at Wine Country Classic goat show, and 2x Grand Champion Virtual Champion in MDGA V-show. The bucklings name is Rufio, he’s black and white and just as sweet as can be! He’s 3rd gen mini, can be registered American with MDGA.
      Breezee Creek Sista

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