Concerning the Shipping of Kids

Note: To those following our farm and desiring kids from us in the next year. We do NOT ship our goats. If you’re out of state and would really like a buck or doe from our herd you may need to plan a “Road-Trip” to come and get them. If you’re in Idaho, Oregon or Eastern WA i its possible we can meet you with the goats you desired at a “Midpoint” location. But more than that we cannot guarantee.

We do not send our animals out of state via airlines.

Kids will be available to good homes in June and July, if you’re local we can deliver to you, or if you’re somewhat distant you can either come pick up the goats yourself or we can meet at a halfway point. If you’re quite distant but really want a kid from our herd, you will need to plan a road trip or make arrangements through someone local to get them.

Also, concerning the use of “Transporters.” We’re very cooperative with small time transporters, but do not wish to be sending goats on long trips with larger transporters. If your transporter is gonna be using a small truck or van to transport animals, that’s just fine with us. but, if they require a large trailer, with individual containers in it, housing many different animals from various locations, with limited visibility and personal care… sorry, but no. We will not cooperate with large transporters.

We love those people like Linda Stone who come up in their mini van to transport goat kids to their new homes. But, we draw the line at folks who ship more than 12 animals larger than a rabbit in one trip.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience, but this is what we are comfortable with at present to insure the safety and health of our animals when they go to new homes.

Thank you very much for your time.
~The Sillimans~
Breezee Creek Farm

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