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Breezee Creek’s Lady Charlotte
She is a 2nd generation mini Nubian (67.58%/32.42%) Doeling
Born June 4, 2015
Charlotte is from our doe Breezee Creek’s Miracle of Miracles first batch of kids.
She’s seriously BRIGHT white all over, no markings to be seen. Very pink skin, pale, pale blue eyes, almost white with just a hint of blue and some marbling.
She’s VERY wide throughout, good blending of neck and shoulders, good rear leg angulation, and a SUPER sweet personality.
She’ll walk right up to you and wait to be petted.


Breezee Creek’s Holly *P
Holly is a 3rd gen Mini Nubian (64.54%/35.46%) Doeling
Born April 6th, 2016
Holly is Maizie’s first daughter, the youngest in a set of triplets!
She’s got the sweetest little face, her sire’s coloring, her mama’s length, and width from both of them. She earned her production star on her first freshening via MDGA One Day Milk Test. Some of our highest milk production and show genetics come together in this little girl.

BCF Legacy’s To the Moon and Back
Becky is a 2nd generation mini Nubian (67.28%/32.72%) Doeling
Born March 26, 2016
Becky’s dam is Proverbs 31 Adelle *P! Her dam earned her star in production as a 2nd freshener, giving 7.8 lbs in 24 hours! Her dam has actually peaked above a gallon, though not on official test. Becky is sweet, quiet, curious.
She has a long barrel, wide chest and face, level topline and moonspots!
She’s the first in our herd to carry these unique spots, and we’re hoping to see many more spots and heavy milkers come from this girl!

Breezee Creek’s Princess Eloise
“Elly” is a 3rd Gen Mini Nubian Doeling
Born February 21, 2017
Elly kidded just 3 weeks before her 2nd birthday with
2 bucks, 1 doe, all very even in size, ranging from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 lbs!
Her udder is REALLY promising as well!
Out of Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess by W4’s Sir Royal Roan