Holly is a 3rd gen Mini Nubian Doe, Born 4/6/2016
The last in a set of Triplets!

Holly is a very dainty, dairy looking type doe. She’s long and level, has good width to her, has just the sweetest face you ever saw, and sticks nice and close to her Dam.

Her Dam was giving almost a gallon of milk a day during her peak as a 1st freshener, as did her sister before her. He dam’s udder is high and wide and smoothly attached all around, even in the fore-udder. Her teat placement is spot on! And she brags lots of width and length. Holly’s Maternal Granddam is a long-lactation milker, going 2 years giving 3/4 of a gallon per day on average on her 3rd freshening.

Holly’s Sire is strong, tall, wide and comes from some of the heaviest milk lines in our area. His Sire is WRRanch Morgan, who is out of Cornerstone Farm Dirty Harry (proven to be a very milky buck with many daughters and granddaughters having earned their production stars), and FCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl (who will be on milk test this year, and is a Finished Champion). Holly’s Paternal Granddam is a heavy milker as well, with large, easy to milk teats.

Show Quotes:


Milk Production:
1st Freshening: N/A

Kidding History:
2018- 2 Bucks

Holly as a newborn:

_MG_7239 1<Sire: WRRanch Sir Alfred083 post

 Dam: Cap N Bells Black Maizie>

 Holly at 3 weeks old:
Holly at 1 year old:

Holly as a 2 year old ff, late summer 2018: