“Elly” is a 3rd Gen Mini Nubian Doeling Born 2/21/2017

She’s solid on her feet, wide from the tip of her nose to the end of her long curly tail!
She solid black, with frosted ears and muzzle, white poll, and a small white stripe and spot behind her left elbow.

Her Dam, Princess, is our Favorite mlker due to her nice,
soft udder and perfectly sized teats with wide open orifices.

Elly’s sire, Royal, is sweet as can be! He’s got several awards to prove his quality, and his lines can brag for themselves. We’re hoping he can get 1 more win in the MDGA V-show to get his VCH title.

Milk Production (Average/peak):

Kidding history:

Elly as a newborn:

Sire: W4’s Sir Royal Roan (2 CH legs, 2 VCH legs)
Sire’s Sire: Crooked H Black Magic (2 CH Legs)
Sire’s Dam: Echo Hill’s Sweetie’s Sonora (2 CH Legs)
Dam: Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess
Dam’s Sire: Daystar’s Sir Joshua
Dam’s Dam: Cap N Bells Miss USA I’m Prettie (1 CH leg)

Full Pedigree here:
Breezee Creek’s Princess Eloise

More pix of Elly:

Elly at 1 Month old:
Elly at 6 months old:
Elly at 1 year old, summer 2018: