eezee Creek’s Princess Eloise x Blackberry’s Moon Man
4th Gen American
Moonspots Possible
Bred: 9/5/2018, Due: 2/5/2019
Kidded 2/2/2019: 2 bucks, 1 doe

BCF Legacy’s To the Moon and Back x W4’s Sir Royal Roan
3rd gen American, 64%/36% kids
Moonspots Possible
Bred: 10/23/2018, Due: 3/23/2019
Kidded 3/24/2019: 1 Doe

Breezee Creek’s Lady Charlotte x Blackberry’s Moon Man
3rd Gen American, 60%/40% kids
Blue Eyes and Moonspots Possible
Will be Bred December 2018
Reservations Available!Bred: 12/24/2018 Due: 5/24/2019

Kidded: 5/27/2019: 2 Bucks, 1 Doe

Blue eyed buckling available!

Breezee Creek’s Holly *P x Blackberry’s Moon Man
4th Gen American, 66%/34% kids
Moonspots Possible
Bred: 12/5/2018 Due: 5/5/2019
Kidded: 5/2/2019: 1 Buck, 1 Doe
*B Buckling is Available!

Please Note: We do NOT ship our kids. If you’re local you can pick them up, if your a bit distant we may be able to meet somewhere. If you’re a far distance you’ll need to consider taking a road trip to pick up kids yourself or arrange with a small “transporter” in your area for pick up. Thank you!

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