029Durango_s_Little_Red 2015Red earned her Production Star via MDGA on One Day Milk Test 2015
As a 2nd Freshener, She gave 7.9lbs with 3.35% Butterfat, 3.5% Protein, and SCC of 8.

Red is a 1st gen. 75%/25% Grade mini Nubian.
She has gorgeous conformation, and a fantastic, socked-on Udder!
She also gives lovely kids with lots of width and stockiness.
She was our star milker as a FF, even out milked a *P we had at the time.

Show Quotes:

Red was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.
She came in 2nd place in ring 1, and 1st place in ring 2.

“The doe in 2nd place (doe 1) is commended on her spring of rib.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

1 over 2 for advantage in feet and legs. she is stronger to rear pasterns and more desirable length (shorter rather than longer) of pasterns.
She is also a doe that is more uniform
in her barrel.
-Tim Flickinger, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

Red was entered in the MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show.
She came in 1st place in rings 1 and 2:
“This little doe has a nice mammary system as well as nice dairy character.
This places her above the other does in the class.
I would however like to see a little more blending through the neck on this doe.”
-Kaylie Piver, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

“Today #1 places over #2 in the mammary system.  It is higher and tighter in both the fore and rear as well as lateral attachment.  In general appearance she also stands more correctly on her feet and legs and shows us more strength in the chine.”
-Crystal Eutsler, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

She also got Grand Champion Senior Doe and Best Udder of Breed:
“for her dairy character as well as width and levelness throughout. She has nice mammary capacity and has a well attached udder.”
-Kaylie Piver, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show
red CHAND she got Best Senior Doe in Show!
“Best Sr. Doe in Show to the Mini-Nubian for her dairy character and blending throughout.”
-Kaylie Piver, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show
 Red as a junior yearling: Red 017

4 years old: 27 3/4″

Milk Production: (average/peak, lbs)
1st Freshening: 3.55/5.5
2nd Freshening: 5.71/7.9

Kidding History:

20131 buck, 1 doe Reds kids 2013

2015: 1 buck, 1 doereds kids 2015


Sire: Unknown Dam: Moonlight Genie


Red at 2 Years Old, first freshening, 2013: Durango's_Little_Red 2Red at 3 Years Old, dry, 2014:Durango's_Little_Red 2014

Red as a 4 year old, Summer 2015: Durango_s_Little_Red 2015

Red’s 2nd Freshening *P Udder:
023 021 024