083 post Cap N Bells Black Maizie 2014On DHIA One Day Milk Test via MDGA
Mazie is a 2nd gen. 70.31%/29.69% mini Nubian.
Maizie is a very nice, level, stocky girl.
She’ll be freshening mid April 2015 and put on milk test.
Hoping to test her dam and sister in an upcoming year.
Really looking forward to what this girl will do for us!

Show Quotes:

Maizie was entered in the MDGA Summer 2013 V-show
She placed 1st in ring 1 and 2nd in ring 2:

“#1 is first for her upright stature and dairy character.”
-Harry & Gail Groot, MDGA Summer 2013 V-Show

“Advantage in general appearance with greater depth and width of chest floor,  levelness of rump when viewed from the side, straighter foreleg and hoof, and greater spring of rib.”-Karen Torrence, MDGA Summer 2013 V-Show

Maizie was entered in the MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show
She placed 2nd in ring 1 and 8th in ring 2:

“This doe also has a nice mammary system, she just is not quite as capacious and doesn’t have quite as good breed character as the doe in front of her. She should be commended on dairy character as well as her levelness across the top line.”
-Kaylie Piver, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

“She is to be commended for her long lean neck.”
-Crystal Eutsler, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

3 years old: 28″

Milk Production: (average/peak)
1st Freshening: N/A

Kidding History:
2015: 2 bucks
108 1054 1

2016: 2 Bucks, 1 Doe

Maizie at 4 months old:
Maizie 043Pedigree:
081 1

WRRanch Crystals Denver <Sire: WRRanch Crystals Denver

Dam: Cap n Bells Black Ravon>maizie-pedigreeMaizie as a Senior Yearling, 2013:
Cap N Bells Black Maizie 2Maizie as a 2 Year Old, 2014: Cap N Bells Black Maizie 2014

Maizie as a 1st freshening 3 year old, Summer 2015: Cap N Bells Black Maizie 2014

Maizie’s FF Udder, 2015:
009 017