NOTE: She had a mild case of mastitis in her right teat early in lactation, this resulted in the overly bulbous appearance of said teat in the above pictures.

She is a 2nd generation Mini Nubian (75.39%/24.61%) Doe
Born March  24, 2013

Princess has one of the sweetest personalities I’ve ever seen,
she’s perfectly content to just stand beside you in the field
if you’ll just keep a hand on her shoulder or scratch below her chin.

Show Quotes:

Princess was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.
She placed 3rd in ring 1, and 6th in ring 2.

“1 places over 3 for her advantage in General Appearance, in that she is more level in the topline in the chine. She also toes more correctly forward in her forefeet as well.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

2 years old: 26 2/3″

Milk Production (Ave/Peak):
1st Freshening: N/A
2nd Freshening: N/A

Kidding History:
2015- 2 Does
2016- 1 Doe, 2 Bucks
Princess's kids 2016

2017- 2 Does

2018- 2 Bucks

Princess as a Newborn:

Daystar's Sir Joshua<Sire: Daystar’s Sir Joshua 
Cap N Bells Miss USA I’m Prettie>


Princess at 6 months old: Prettie's PrincessPrincess at 1 1/2 years old:Princess V Show templatePrincess 2016:
Princess 2017 unshaved, pre-kidding Udder:

Princess at 5 years old, summer 2018:

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