IMG_7464 Cap n Bells Miss USA Im Prettie 3Prettie is a 1st gen. 87.5%/12.5% mini Nubian doe,
and sister to Cap n Bells Ravon.
This year was her second freshening as well, she is giving good quality and quantity in her milk supply and made a beautiful doeling this year.

“She is to be commended for her levelness in the topline and rump,
and straight forelegs.”
-Karen Torrence, judge for MDGA Summer 2013 V-Show

Prettie as a Junior:
Kidding History:
2012- 2 does
2013- 1 doe
Breezee_Creek's_Pretties_Princess2014- 1 Doe, 1 Buck


??????????<Sire: WRRanch JD’s Major

Dam: BeeBee Black Magic Lena