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Both our bucks, WRRanch’s Sir Alfred and W4’s Sir Royal Roan, will be standing at stud this fall.

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$75 stud fee, discounts available for multiple Does.
Paperwork showing your herd to be CAE/CL negative.
Does must be healthy and be in standing heatย when brought for stud services.
No Does will stay overnight at our farm. Our Bucks do NOT leave the farm.
Services will be a “Driveway” Breeding.

Our bucks are very thorough. They don’t get rough with the Does, but will get the job done. If for some reason the breeding doesn’t take, you can bring your doe(s) back again free of charge. You pay for a guaranteed breeding.

Make your reservations for stud services Now!

3 thoughts on “Stud Services

  1. HI-wonderful website!

    Although my wife and I have raised goats on and off since the mid ’70s, we are new to dwarf nigerians and mini-nubians having acquired a few this past summer. Our homestead is in Amboy, so we are practically neighbors and would love to visit sometime if that is possible. Right now I have a very basic breeding question. I just acquired a 9 month old DN buck that I am intending to service my three DN does when they come into heat and also my first generation mini nubian who is currently in heat and then IF POSSIBLE, my full size Nubian (if she comes in again this season) My question is about any and all techniques used to deal with the size differences-in watching the buck’s first attempts the past two days since he arrived, he is able to mount the mini nubian but definitely does not seem close enough to close the deal so to speak…any info/advice would be much appreciated!

    • How did your breeding season go?

      Sorry we didn’t reply sooner, things have been so busy and then Breezee Creek Sista Sarah (me) was away in New Zealand visiting her in-laws for a while. we’re getting things back on track now though ๐Ÿ™‚

      some people will breed nigi buck to their nubian doe by holding him up while she’s tied (awkward!), some people just stack hay bales or a couple crates in the breeding pen that he can climb on, then back up the doe to him. Sometimes they don’t need any help at all and will get the job done totally on their own (they can be very determined). Bucky boys will jump on a full sized doe no problem. And if he doesn’t do that, I heard of a lady who said she’d left her nubian doe in with her nigerian buck all night, next morning she went out to check on them, they were snuggled up together staying warm. the doe started to get up (lifting her hind end first, so her front end was still low to the ground), and that buck boy seized the opportunity! the doe had triplet 1st generation mini nubians if I remember right. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would like to reserve a spot this fall for my Miniature Nubian doe for breeding. She is 5th Gen. I would like as late fall as possible. After looking over your site, I am very confident with you stud services.

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