Fun Baby goats!

Galaxy has been sold and will be leaving next month to start running his new Herem.

Regal is still available! LOVE his ears, and he has a great rump, very long, flat, smooth, level, also boasts great width and length. He’s a tad timid, but we are working with him on that.

Charlotte has 2 beautiful 3rd gen boys available, 1 is brown with blue eyes and the other is black with tan markings.


Our girl Holly kidded memorial day (yesterday) 2 stunning bucklings as well, will get pictures in the next few days to add to the website!

Kidding Season Spotlight: Charlotte

Breezee Creek’s Charlotte is really just a stunning doe! She can’t help but stand out, being that she’s bright white and has the palest blue eyes you ever saw!

This year was her 2nd kidding. And I must say her udder is HUGELY improved this year! Her dam had had a very slight shelf in the foreudder, and lacked a defined medial (midline) altogether. However, this year, Charlottes udder has really BLOSSOMED! Its incredible, and we are beyond excited at just how stunning it is!

Charlotte boasts STRONG lateral attachments and a high rounded escutcheon, which gives her rear udder that high rounded look with a wide area of attachment. She still needs a bit more midline separation, but is improved over her dam in that respect as well. Her teats again are a bit widely spaced, would like to see them close together, but they are better size than last year. She boasted good udder texture last year, so we look forward to milking her again and trying her on One Day Milk Test this summer.

What are we really thrilled about concerning her udder though? Her FOREUDDER! Its utterly seamless! blends smoothly into her belly and just keeps on going! Everything about her udder is SOCKED ON TIGHT, she will not have to worry about her udder breaking down and loosing those wonderful attachments, cause she has so much attachment all around there’s no stress one just 1 area!

She kidded 2 bucklings, 1 is brown with her pale blue eyes, the other is beautiful sandgau (black with tan eye stripes and legs) and little bit of roaning. Both are available to be herdsires, as they are beyond excellent quality!

If you want color, long pendulous ears, roman noses, length of body, correct rumps, and udder attachments to withstand the test of time, THESE are the boys you NEED for your breeding program!

Charlotte is another we need to get updated photos of this summer so we can enter her in the Vshow, and we are SO excited to do so! Here are this years pre-kidding udder photos though, and you can get more info on Charlotte on her page, Here.

Please check out her boys on the “For Sale” page and comment or use the form on the “Contact Us” page to get more info!


Kidding Season Spotlight: FF Becky

BCF Legacy’s To The Moon and Back, or “Becky” as we call her, comes from exceptionally heavy milk lines. Her dam peaked at 1 1/2 GALLONS of milk in 24 hours as a 4th freshener.

Becky freshened with an udder that is super soft and silky smooth. She milks out like a dream, just like her dam! She’s giving us sweet, creamy milk every morning, and has been very cooperative on the milking stand.

Her udder is snuggly attached on all sides, with a smooth udder floor, and nice rounded escutcheon. Her foreudder is HUGELY improved over her dams who had the start or a shelf and a pocket, Becky’s udder is seemlessly blended into her stomache, with no shelf or pocket whatsoever!

We’d like to see her teats closer together, but they are a nice size for hand milking, and have very open orifices so she empties pretty quickly. Would also like to see a tighter midline down the back of her udder, as you want to be able to see a line dividing the 2 halves of the udder. But she does have excellent lateral attachments, which tells me this udder will be holding up well in future.

We are very happy with this girl and plan to keep her here a few years more as we thoroughly enjoy her sweet personality, easy milking udder, and her spots are just so fun to see!

You can see more on Becky and her pedigree on her page Here.

She kidded 1 buck and 1 doe for us this year, her doeling is already sold, but her little moonspotted buckling is available and would make a great herdsire! Need smoother foreudders or better udder texture, he’s your guy! Comment below or use the form on the “Contact Us” page to get more info about “Breezee Creek’s Galaxy” (Becky’s buckling), and check out our “For Sale” page to see his pictures!

Got Kids? We Do!

At Breezee Creek Farm we maintain very high standards for all our stock. We are always looking to improve on our current livestock, and evaluating each doe with each kidding with more and more scrutiny.

This year, we are VERY happy with what we are seeing in our herd! 3 of our 4 does have kidded so far, and are either showing hugely improved udders over their dams, or better breed character, overall structure, or production!

We’ve already sold our doeling, but have several HIGH quality bucklings available that would make INCREDIBLE herdsires!

Check out our For Sale page to see theh thoroughly gorgeous kids we have available and either comment or email us with the “contact us” form to find out more about these wonderful kids!

Breezee Creek’s *P!

Breezee Creek Farm has been breeding for great conformation, excellent breed character, health and good temperament. But, on top of our list of things to breed for, we also breed for heavy milk production.

We keep very accurate barn records for all our milkers, so we can show buyers what our girls can do without having to guess off the top of our head what each doe really produces.

To prove our stock, we decided to add three of our Does to DHIA Milk Test for 2015. If we did a limited number of Does this year and felt it was beneficial to our herd, we could do the rest of our milkers the next year.

First Doe we signed up for Milk Test was our best producer, Durango’s Little Red. Red is a registered Grade Doe out of an unknown Sire, but we keep her because of her exceptional milk yield and quality form. She has the BEST udder and rump I’ve seen yet!

First Day on test, Red tested out! She gave 7.9lbs of milk at 3.35% Butterfat, 3.5% Protein and SCC of 8! Red, at only about 6 weeks fresh, earned her milk star on One Day Milk test!

Breezee Creek’s Princess and Cap N Bell’s Maizie, both first fresheners, will be on 305 Day Milk test this year as well. We’re very excited to see what these girls will accomplish for us. As an FF, Princess has been giving 1/2 gallon a day at 2 weeks fresh! All these girls have very nicely attached udders that we feel very proud of, and we are ecstatic to see what they’ll produce for us on official milk test!

Here are some photos of Red’s *P udder:
023 024 021~Sarah~
Breezee Creek Sista

Red’s kids having a “Field Day”

031 032 034035 036 040 051 053 054 056

Red’s kids having a “Field Day,” literally!

These kids are our first for 2015, and our boy Royal’s first kids to hit the ground.
Doeling, named “Romy,” is buckskin and retained for our herd. Buck boy, buckskin with white, is sold. More kids to come mid April!

Breezee Creek Sista


Kidding Preparations

Our first doe is due February 28th, and since she is the first one scheduled for kidding, we have been working to prepare for the soon to come kids.

Durango’s Little Red has been prepping herself the last 3 weeks, getting a noticeable udder 1 1/2 months before her due date, and getting a huge belly.

We went through our birthing kit and did a quick inventory, finding that we’re pretty much good to go. We have iodine, umbilical cutters, floss, rubber gloves (both small and long), Cayenne Pepper Tincture, B vitamins and BoSe, lots of towels… only lacking in emergency electrolytes and ProBios (we always give a couple doses of each to our Does after kidding). So the shopping list is pretty short this year, yay!

We took a look at the birthing stall, which has been serving as a hay storage room. The excess hay was moved to our official storage room, the stall was cleaned thoroughly and we sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth (DE) around all the edges before covering the ground with a thick layer of good hay. The DE will kill any bugs hiding in the corners or crawling through any bits of hay.

The mineral feeders were cleaned out and ready for fresh mineral, the hay feeder was cleared up, and our separator (we made one for separating kids at night, or for separating mothers in the stall with their kids) was cleaned up and moved to a more out of the way location.

Shopping list was put together, the kidding stall cleaned and prepped… what’s left to get prepared?

We re-worked our feeding rations and budget to allow for new kids and increase in the appetite of expectant mothers. We upped Red’s alfalfa pellet rations from 3/4 lb/day to 2lbs/day, which she is very happy about.

Only things left to do: Make sure all goats are up on their copper (due next week), get things on our shopping list, and give Red a dairy trim end of next week.

NOTE: for those who don’t know, a dairy trim is a simple hair cut only trimming the fur on the tail, udder and legs. We won’t be doing a full body trim on any of our does till summer time, when its warmer. Why are we bothering to give this doe a trim when she’s due end of February then? Because a simple dairy trim will allow any mess from giving birth to be cleaned up a  lot faster and with less discomfort to the doe. If we didn’t give her a dairy trim, she’d end up with goopy stuff sticking to the fur on her behind that would stay there and dry, looking nasty and feeling quite uncomfortable to the doe.

We’re feeling pretty good about this coming year, very satisfied with the bucks we chose with our does, and very happy with how healthy the whole herd has been.

We’ve already added a new page for our “New Arrivals 2015” we’re SO excited! We can hardly wait to get pictures of new kids when they arrive to share with everyone!

God bless, and Happy kidding!

MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show Wins for Breezee Creek Farm!

This year we entered 6 of our wonderful goats in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.

And here are the results we were “WOW-ED” with today:

Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Glory:
Glory V show template copy 2 post
Glory was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.
She placed 4th in rings 1 and 2.

“In her turn doe 4 places over 2 for her advantage in general appearance, specifically her levelness in the rump when viewed from the side. She also stands on stronger rear pasterns. She is also more open in the hindlegs when viewed from behind.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

“More uphill in appearance and stronger over the topline.
-Tim Flickinger, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

Breezee Creek’s Fortula:
Fortula V show template 2014 post
Fortula was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.
She placed 2nd in her class in ring 1.

“Doe 5 places over 12 for her advantage in general appearance, specifically her foreleg sets more correctly under her withers giving her more brisket. In addition, in dairy strength, 5 is more incurving in the thigh when viewed from the side, and from behind, she appears to be more open in the escutcheon.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess:
Princess V Show template
Princess was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.
She placed 3rd in ring 1, and 6th in ring 2.

“1 places over 3 for her advantage in General Appearance, in that she is more level in the topline in the chine. She also toes more correctly forward in her forefeet as well.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

Durango’s Little Red:
Durango's_Little_Red 2014Red was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.
She came in 2nd place in ring 1, and 1st place in ring 2.

“The doe in 2nd place (doe 1) is commended on her spring of rib.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

“1 over 2 for advantage in feet and legs. she is stronger to rear pasterns and more desirable length (shorter rather than longer) of pasterns. She is also a doe that is more uniform in her barrel.“
-Tim Flickinger, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

And our two lovely bucks:

WRRanch’s Sir Alfred:Alfy-V-Show-template fall 2014 postAlfy was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show as a yearling buck.
He placed 4th in ring 1, and 2nd in ring 2.

“3 has an advantage in General Appearance over 5, being more level in the topline, more correctly angulated in the hindlegs with feet that point more correctly ahead.
More correct in Nubian breed character with longer, more pendulous ears
and a more convex profile.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.

“Longer in barrel and stronger to rear pasterns.”
-Tim Fricklinger, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

W4’s Sir Royal Roan:W4's Sir Royal Roan 2014 2 postAs a yearling buck, Royal was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.
In which, he was placed 1st in his class in 2 rings,
and took 2 Reserve Champion Senior Buck awards.

“Buck 2 places over 1 for his advantage in Body Capacity, specifically his greater depth in the heart. Likewise, he is fuller in the crops, which, in turn, gives him an advantage in General Appearance in his greater smoothness from the point of shoulder into the brisket. He is also higher in the escutcheon and and more open (wider) in the hocks.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

“Sr Yearling buck #2 is Reserve Sr. Ch. for his advantage in angularity and sharpness over the older bucks in competition for Rs. Sr. Ch.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

“2 over 3 for length of rump and having tail head placed more properly between pin bones.  And being slightly straighter on fore toes.”
-Tim Flickinger, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

“My Reserve Sr. Champion which is found in the SR yearling class. He excels in his general appearance and dairyness over the animals in competition”
-Tim Flickinger, MDGA Fall V-Show

We are VERY proud of all our goats, they each bring something to offer.
Breeding for champion conformation, and heavy milk production.