Delicas’s Elle Golden Boy Roy
G6S Normal by Parentage
4th gen (60.13%/39.87%) American Mini Nubian Buck
Born 5/14/2019
We met Roy at the local show in Longview, WA. It was love at first sight!
He has amazing breed character and length of body, and his long,
correct rump was striking!

When he suddenly became available a couple months later, we knew we HAD to have him! We did the long drive out to Yakima, WA to pick him up, and he had grown SO much he was already getting stinky and trying to breed the does!

His dam has some amazing udder texture,
and her teats are great size for handmilking! 
Out of Delica’s Elle Winsome Delight
By Dancing Goat Garden’s Valhalla

Show Wins:

  • MDGA VShow Spring 2020- 2x 1st Place Yearling Buck
  • MDGA VShow Spring 2020- 1x Grand Champion Sr Buck

BCF Legacy’s BNBG Fred Astaire
G6S Normal By Parentage
2nd Gen %/% Experimental Mini Nubian Buck
Born //
Blue Eyed Bucskin
Tux stuck around after his dam took
Reserve Champion and Best Udder In Show
at the PNWMDGC Summer Sensations 2019 Show.
His dam and sire’s dams udders are simply LOVELY,
so we will be using him on a few select does
to improve a few of our does udder attachments.
Out of Rubystar BTR PC Bonny Bell
By Grace Abounds URD Nethaneel