Breeding Schedule for 2022:

Breezee Creek Farm Reserves the right to retain ANY kids from
ANY pairing we believe will be most beneficial to our program.
But we will NOT retain any kids that have already had a Deposit placed for them by their new owner.

All Does Are Bred to Delica’s Elle Golden Boy Roy for the 2022 kidding season

Please Note: Transportation is the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer must give us clear and concise communication as to time and date of pick up for any goats. Reservations are free to place, however once your kids are born and you’ve been notified, we must have a $100 deposit within 1 week of notifying you to hold your kid until weaning. Kids will be weaned and ready to leave at 12 weeks.


  1. Kristel Soles says:

    Could I please put a reservation on a doelingfrom Firebird & Tux. Thank you.

    1. Sarah Donaldson says:

      You got it! Adding you guys to our list, we will notify you once Firebird kids in March!

  2. hailey wilkerson says:

    Roxanna Willoughby sent me your way. We just purchased a doeling from her a few weeks ago. She will be used as 4h and a breeder. She is already such a part of our family. Only issue is, our adults are not too keen on her yet. We are planning on acquiring a buck with great lineage for breeding in the near future. But that wont be for another few months. At the moment we are looking for a wether. One around her same age (8 wks) that she can share a pasture with until we get another buckling. Once she is big enough to stand up for herself against the 250# boer goats, the wether can go to the other pasture and we can bring in the new buckling. This will be our first and only buck.

    Question is, do you or will you have any wethers available soon and/or registered bucks available in the next 5-6 months?

    PS- you contact form isn’t working

    1. Sarah Donaldson says:

      Hey, we’ve had some tech issues, so sorry for the delay! We are getting things updated and in proper working order.
      Do you still need a wether or buck? We have a wether, couple bucklings that could be wethers or breeders, and a mature buck needing new addresses if you’re still in the market. Just reply here and I’ll make sure we connect with you privately right away!
      Thank you!

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