_MG_7239 1 Alfy-V-Show-template summer 2016 postWRRanch’s Sir Alfred

Alfy is a 5th gen. Mini Nubian (57.22%/42.78%) buckling
Born April 3, 2013

Show Quotes:

Alfy was entered in the MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show as a yearling buck.
He placed 4th in ring 1, and 2nd in ring 2.

“3 has an advantage in General Appearance over 5, being more level in the topline, more correctly angulated in the hindlegs with feet that point more correctly ahead.
More correct in Nubian breed character with longer, more pendulous ears
and a more convex profile.”
-Tamera Tayler, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show.

Longer in barrel and stronger to rear pasterns.
-Tim Fricklinger, MDGA Fall 2014 V-Show

Alfy was entered in the MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show
He placed 3rd in ring 1 and 4th in ring 2:

“3 is placing over 2 for his length of body as well as his strength of shoulder
and width through the chest.”
-Kaylie Piver, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

“The #3 buck is to be commended for tight elbow to body.”
-Crystal Eutsler, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

Alfy was entered int the MDGA Fall 2015 V-Show
He placed 1st in ring 1 and 2nd in ring 2

“Reasons #2 places over #1 for his strength and masculinity,
his general appearance and rear leg set.”
-Margo Piver, MDGA Fall 2015 V-Show

“Entry #2 is to be commended for his general appearance of properly angulated rear legs when viewed from the side and for demonstrating breed character.”
-Lavinia Allen, MDGA Fall 2015 V-Show

Alfred RCH“This 2 under 3 yr. brown buck shows good strength and maturity while maintaining refinement.  He has good set to his shoulder and length of neck.
For these reasons he will be our RCH.”
-Margo Piver, MDGA Fall 2015 V-Show

 Alfy as a Newborn:
Alfy as a Newborn

2 years old: 26 1/4″

Alfy’s Breeding Record:
2014-bred to 2 Does.
Kids: 2 Does, 1 Buck

Wetherby (Buck) out of Durango's Blues
Wetherby (Buck) out of Durango’s Blues

Fortula V show template spring 2015

Retained Kids:
Breezee Creek’s Fortula (MDGA Summer V Show 2015 Reserve Champion Junior Doe)


wrranch morgan 1<Sire: WRranch’s Morgan TWRanch Matillda 1  Dam: TW Ranch Matillda>


Full 6 gen Pedigree here:
WRRanch Sir Alfred

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