Concerning Kid Reservations 2014-2015

We are no longer taking reservations for mini Nubian doelings.
Plenty of reservations available for bucks and/or wethers!
If you’ll be needing a great quality 3rd gen. American buck in the next 1-2 years, you’ll want to be on this list! We’ll be breeding our 5th gen W4’s Sir Royal Roan to Cap N Bells Black Maizie and Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess for April-May kids. Both does will be FF’s, kids will be 3rd gen, as Dam’s are 2nd gens. Very high quality buck to two very nice does.
Also, kids are very likely to be black, but we could be surprised with some fun colors too. Maizie is black with brown cheeks, her dam is black, sire is chamoise (brown with black points), and her littermate sister, Daisy, is Chamoisee. Princess is black and white, her dam was black and white, sire was chamoise (brown with black points) with splashes of white. Royal is black and white, Dam was a black with white roaning, Sire was all black (but he has moonspots in his ancestry!).
We purchase Royal as a 2 month old buckling at the MDGA Wine Country Classic 2013. In which, he won 2x Grand Champion Junior buck and 1x Reserve Champion Junior Buck. He also was entered in the MDGA Summer 2013 V Show, in which he won Grand Champion Junior Buck.
Maizie was also placed in the Summer 2013 V Show, and placed 1st in her class!
Maizie’s littermate sister, Daisy, has been giving almost 1/2 gallon a day, with twice a day milking as a First Freshener.
Princess has not been shown yet, but we are excited to see what she can do as we already see great quality in her!
We’ll also be breeding Durango’s Little Red, not decided on which buck to use with her yet. All bucklings from her will be wethered as she is a registered Grade, and bucklings out of her cannot be registered for that reason.
We hope to retain 1 doeling from each of these 3 girls, all other kids will be sold, we will not be retaining any bucklings this year.

Get on the list for an awesome buck boy for your herd today!

Reservations are $15 to get on the list, you will stay on the list till your reservation has been filled or you decide to be taken off the list. non refundable.

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