Royal’s Kids’ Achievements

Breezee Creek’s Royal Romance

Romy was entered in the MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show
She placed 1st in BOTH rings:

“This is a well build little doe. She has excellent dairy character,
as well as length and width throughout.
She is upstanding and level and this is going to give her the advantage over doe 2.”
-Kaylie Piver, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

“We start out with our #1 entry as our first placed doe.
She excels over our #3 doe in general appearance in the topline area.
She is a more uphill doe who is more level from hips to pins.
She appears more smoothly blended in the shoulder and sharper at the withers.
She also has an advantage in body capacity with a wider chest
and moving into a wider crops.”
-Crystal Eutsler, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

She also got Grand Champion Junior Doe:
“This little doe is just well put together,
she has everything you want to see in a doe this age.”
-Kaylie Piver, MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

Romy was entered in the MDGA 2016 Fall V-Show
She came 1st in her class:


“The first place senior yearling has the advantage of being more smoothly blended across her topline.  She is showing us a more appropriate dairy wedge and angularity throughout than the does standing behind her, as well as depth of barrel for her age.”
-James Oller

Breezee Creek’s Sugar Blossom

Blossom was entered in the MDGA 2016 Fall V-Show
She placed 3rd in her class:

“A over E for her advantage in general appearance being more smoothly blended.  This kid also deeper in the heart girth and slightly tighter at the point of elbow than the doe standing in 4th.” –James Oller

Daystar’s Heavenly Sunshine

Sunshine was entered in the MDGA 2017 Summer V-Show
She placed 5th in both rings:

“Entry B has an advantage over Entry F in General Appearance showing better blending of neck into withers, sharper wither and less slope to the rump.” -Lavinia Allen

“B places over F for dairy character, being longer and leaner in the neck, and for mammary system. She is stronger in her medial suspensory ligament and higher in her rear udder, although notably, F has front toes pointing more directly forward than B.”
-Katie Wolf

Daystar’s 7 Wonders

Seven was entered in the MDGA 2017 Summer V-Show
He placed 1st in ring 1 and 3rd in ring 2:

“Entry A places over Entry D in General Appearance. He shows greater width between the hocks, better angulation of rear legs when viewed from the side and blends more smoothly from the loin into the rump.” -Lavinia Allen

“A places over B for general appearance, He is more uphill to the withers, more level from hips to pins, and has greater angulation through the hock in side profile.” -Katie Wolf