Kidding Season Spotlight: Princess

Princess is a really LOVELY doe! She was one of the first kids ever born on our farm, and has been a HUGE asset to our program! She’s sweet tempered, has gorgeous long ears, roman nose, good width of body, kids well, and her kids are always an improvement on herself!

She has WONDERFUL udder texture, meaning her udder is SUPER soft and she has nice open orifices in her teats, so she empties out real easy. She has great milk stand manners, and makes enough milk for her kids to get huge milk goiters, haha!

Her teats are nice and plumb, perfect for handmilking, She’s so easy on the milk stand sister Naomi started handmilking Princess when Naomi was only 12 years old!

We will be getting updated photos of her this summer when we One Day Milk Test with all our mamas, hoping to enter her in the Vshow this year.

Princess gave us 2 GORGEOUS bucklings this year, 1 of them (“The Majestic”) is already sold, but his brother (“Regal”) is still available for sale. Regal is not ery photogenic, due to being a tad skittish and quite fluffy. But he is a VERY nice quality buck. He has some of the LONGEST ears we’ve ever had on the farm, and he boasts great width, length, level and long rump, and great spring of rib! Check him out on the “For Sale” page and comment or use the form on the “Contact Us” page to get more info on this wonderful little fellow!

More info on Princess can also be found on her own page, Here.

Princess First Freshening Udder 2016:

Princess unshaved, pre-kidding udder 2017:

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