Kidding Season, so far….

Kidding season started with a bang! Our Eloises had her first kids February 2nd, TRIPLETS as a first time mama! She did so good, and we’re so proud of her! Her udder looks great too!

Charlotte we’re pretty sure is pregnant, pretty sure she’s not due till late April or first week of May, somehow lost her due date, ugh!

Holly is due May 5th, for sure, More Moon Man kids, hoping she gives some girls this year, although any bucklings will have their *B since both Holly and Moon Mans dam have their production stars!

Becky is due end of this month, bred to Royal. if she earns her production star this year she will be a 2*P! her dam was a gallon and a half a day milker!

Romy is Hopefully due 2 days after Becky. we’ve had a hard time getting Romy to settle the last couple years, so this is her last chance on our farm. if she does kid, we’ll do milk test with her to get her 2*P.

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