Victory is a 4th gen Mini Nubian (58%/42%) Doe
Born April 3rd, 2019
Victory took Grand Champion Junior Doe at the PNWMDGC Summer Sensations 2019 Show! She’s VERY wide, and fast maturing for her age! Great head and ears, length of body, dairy strength, and goes back to some of our favorite lines! Excited to see her ff udder in spring of 2020!

Show Quotes:
Victory got Grand Champion under judge Rebecca Nix at just 2 months old! It was her first show, and we were SO happy to witness this first “Leg” towards her championship!
She placed 1st & GRAND under Rebecca Nix, 3rd under Sam Whiteside,
and 6th under Amy Akramoff.

In the 2019 Summer Vshow, Victory placed 7th and 3rd out of 11 kids!

“Seven over 8 in a close placing but, feel E has a slight advantage in length of body.” -Pat Hendrickson
“I-F General Appearance stronger more correct feet and legs.”
-Travis Cockburn

In the 2019 Fall Vshow, Victory placed 11th and 7th out of 20 kids!

“G is placing over O for general appearance. She is straighter in the front leg from the side profile and has a tighter junction of the point of elbow against the body wall. She also has the advantage in body capacity having more spring of the forerib and depth of health girth. She will yield the freedom of excess fleshing to O.” -Grace Toy

Milk Production (Ave/Peak):

Kidding History:
2020- 1 Buckling


Summer 2019
Fall 2019, 1 week after arrival
July 2020, ff udder not full, nursing a single buckling