New, Staying, Going…

Just some pictures of some super happy, healthy goats. They’re all doing so well, loving Victory’s ff udder, and we had a Nubian Show Goat breeder comment on some of the GORGEOUS heads we have in our mini herd!

We added 2 Standard Nubian Does from Urban Acres Farm to help improve our udder genetics as we explore creating some new lines. We’re getting a gallon plus per day from each of these 2 new ladies, and they’re super sweet! They’re so sweet they’re actually influencing the rest of the herd to be a bit sweeter again like it all used to be!

We have 2 of Nadine’s buckling’s spoken for already, have 1 left looking for a home. And we have Victory’s buckling, which we feel is worth trying to home as a breeding buck. He’s the black boy pictured above, and the ONLY Intact Buckling available from Breezee Creek Farm this year.

Just comment below or shoot us an email via the “Contact Us” Tab!

Hope everyone’s staying busy and positive, and having a blast getting those gardens ready for planting, and fencing and shelters set up for new goats!

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