For Sale

Breezee Creek’s Amelia J3
Sold to Roxanna Willoughby!
Doeling Born 4/3/2017
3rd Gen American
Caramel with blaze and random white.
Out of Breezee Creek’s Lady Charlotte by W4’s Sir Royal Roan

“Breezee Creek’s Southern Skies” K2
SOLD to Mado Fraser!

Born 3/24/2018
Brown with frosted ears & muzzle, white poll,
Roaning, LOADS of moonspots!
Out of BCF Legacy’s To The Moon And Back  by W4’s Sir Royal Roan.

“Breezee Creek’s The Majestic”
Sold to Celestia Babcock 
Born 4/3/2018
Black, white poll, white stripe on chin, random white on left foreleg.
Out of Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess  by W4’s Sir Royal Roan.

“Breezee Creek’s Regal”
SOLD to Kristal Reich!
Born 4/3/2018
Black, White poll, frosted ears, muzzle, full belt, white bands at elbows, roaning.
Out of Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess  by W4’s Sir Royal Roan.

“Breezee Creek’s Viceroy” 
3rd gen. Buckling
SOLD to Karen Griffith!

Born 5/11/2018
Black, tan eye stripes and legs, roaning, frosted ears and muzzle.
Out of Breezee Creek’s Lady Charlotte by Blackberry’s Moon Man.

Breezee Creek’s Prettie’s Princess
2nd Gen Doe
SOLD to Kristal Reich
Black and white, frosted ears and muzzle, white poll.
Super sweet, great milker, and wonderful mother!
out of Cap N Bells Miss USA I’m Prettie by Daystar’s Sir Joshua

About Our Whethers: We would like to get $75 for them. They are from proven lines, and their mothers are on site as well. We only ask that they have a happy life. The reality is that their life as a whether will go in either one of three directions, they will become a family pet and a companion for other animals on a farm, they will be a pet that lives life as a brush eater, or they will become meat for a families table. We implore any that buy one of our animals, particularly our whethers, that they will be treated kindly. That they will not be tethered for longer than two hours at a time and will be allowed fresh air and quality alfalfa and the same regular care and treatment as you would any other quality animal on your property. We also strongly suggest that you refrain from feeding any goats prepared goat chow or goat feed (it is too sweet with molasses, and blocks mineral absorption) and that bucks and whethers are NEVER fed grains of any kind! Grain causes the growth of Uric Calculi and will kill a boy goat within days often before you know he was suffering. The only way to prevent this is to feed them Ammonium Chloride which is proven to have its own side effects over time.

Lastly, If you buy a whether for meat, that he be killed at time of slaughtering in such a way that he will be so happy he won’t even realize what is coming and that it is done quickly and precisely to prevent any needless suffering. GOD’s word says we are to regard the life of our beast. I cannot with a clear conscience sell any of my goats to anyone I am not confident will take this concept seriously.

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